Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Do any of you watch the Biggest Loser? I do, though we tend to fast forward the whole show and just watch the weigh-ins. Honestly, that show does not inspire me at all. I mean how inspirational is it to watch a bunch of people lose tons of weight because they have personal trainers that make them work out for 8 hours a day? How inspirational is it to see them losing all this weight while they are locked up, living far away from all temptations? Not very.

However, last night they let the person who had lost the most weight at home come back into the game. The winner was a gal who has spent pretty much zero time at the ranch so all her weight loss was done on her own, back in the real world. AND, after 12 weeks (hello, we are on WoW week 12) she had lost eighty something pounds. 

80 + pounds.

12 weeks.

holy crap. 

Now that is inspirational. Crazy, but inspirational. Well she inspired me so much that I woke up this morning. That's it, I woke up. . . baby steps. ;)

Regina: has not lost 80 pounds.
Paula: -1
Amy: -3.1
Jessica: -.5
Erica: -2.2
Laura: -1
Juli: -1
Sarah: 0

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elm said...

You crack me up! I don't watch big losers because I thought - no fair they don't even have white flour, white rice and sugar in their cupboards there. Grrr...

So - I just dream about skinny cow ice cream. Never actually tried it, but figure it can't taste to good. I prefer a grain-fed fat cow!! :)

Week's results: -2.2 lbs

Amy said...

I was wondering though about just what she was doing at home that helped her loose all that so fast, and then to come back to the ranch and gain 5 pounds! I hope what she was doing at home was healthy...

Anyway, I lost 3.1! Woo Hoo!!

Elm! The skinny cow stuff is REALLY good!!! You would be surprised, trust me. I am an ice cream efficiando and I love the stuff. Do you know they even have a chocolate peanut butter? Anyway, I have one every other evening, usually, of the no sugar added. Much better than the other no sugar added or sugar free ice creams I have had.

Shelly said...

Shelly: isn't even on the list anymore... not inspirational! LOL

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Is the skinny cow stuff still good if you eat the whole box as ONE serving?

I am probably one pound down but big friggin whoop. My belly still slogs down to my middle thigh area. I think it's worse when I lose weight because there's nothing to fill it in. It's getting really depressing. I wish I knew a surgeon who needed a charity case.

Sarah (JOT) said...

elm, the skinny cow brand ice cream is great! I doubted it as well, but the fudge bars are delish!!!

I'm stuck at "the same". Dern it!

Jessica said...

-.5 for me... Not that great considering I didn't lose anything last week, but better than nothing and that brings me to -11 pounds total. It is getting *really* hard!

Anonymous said...

Definitely not down 80 pounds.

I would not be on the computer if I had lost 80 pounds.

I would be at the beach.

In Tahiti.

Not here on this April Fool's Day blizzard from God.

I'm down 1.

Oh, and I actually got on the treadmill today. For a whole 30 minutes. Laura better be PROUD of me.

elm said...

OK - ladies...

Are the skinny cows "skinny" because the dairy/milk/cream is from skinny cows (ie Awful Pacific NorthWest loved Grass-Fed Bovines) or are they just "skinny" because they are sugar-free?

What is the skinny on the skinny?!?!

OH - and Laura, you crazy mama, I have the same questions... is it still "skinny" if you eat the whole box. I struggle with that in every other "sweet" so if I buy these skinny cows that are so gorgeous and sexy and I consume the whole box, will I, too, be skinny, gorgeous and sexy??

Juli said...

I guess the scale was playing an April's Fool joke on me, because when I weighed myself at 4:45 it said I had lost two pounds. When I weighed again around 7:00 it said I had only lost 1! All I did in those couple of hours was read. No eating or drinking. Could the information going into my head have added weight to my brain?
So I guess I'll just go with -1. I'd rather underestimate than overestimate and then maybe I can be pleasantly surprised the next time around.

JOYfilled Family said...

I gained +.6 during my 5th wk. I'm ok with this slight gain. It's not bad for 2 birthdays w/in the past 3 days.

Total weight loss: -9

I'm at my plateau weight. I haven't been able to get lower (than my current weight) for the past 3 years. I pray that I can pick it up this week and get pass this weight.

Auntie Nee said...

Again I am a slacker and didn't work out this week. The good news is that I haven't gained any weight. OH WELL I WILL BE BETTER THIS WEEK. I think putting it in caps will make it come true. We will see.


Heather said...

I am obsessed with BL- I might be their number one fan. It does inspire me. The finale is isane!

Angela said...

I have not even lost 8 lbs.
No changes. I should just quit wasting your time.


Anonymous said...

ah true, a skinny cow in actuality is not something to inspire one's faith in flavor. And no the whole box would probably NOT be a good idea. lol

Michelle said...

Down 2 this past week. Down 11 since Ash Wed.

Heaven help me that I don't gain it all back after Easter.