Saturday, April 11, 2009

Second Guesses

Today I had the lovely pleasure of eating lunch with two of my absolutely bestest friends. 

Then we got to go enjoy a lovely afternoon at the park with another friend (sorry, not on my computer, photos not uploaded).  Surely now you all can guess where we are!

5 people are laughing with me:

Keri said...

getting in on this late and with no back ground.....chucky cheese??!
missed you!

Aubrey said...

Ha! I was going to guess Chuck E Cheese too! Really? I'd guess that you are back in your old stomping grounds?

Auntie Nee said...

I know where you are but I dont think it would be fair of me to guess. Have fun


Jessica said...

It was SO great to see you!!! Can't wait to visit again in a couple weeks! =)

Heather said...

oh how fun! And Keri, that's hilarious- "Chunky Cheese" photos do turn out that way.