Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eight is not great

Aubrey tagged me for this fun little meme last week I think. Boy am I slow.  

8 Things I am looking forward to:
The girls spending the night next weekend. 
2. {l}'s judo tournament next Saturday. 
3. Trying to have a girls night out dinner next Friday.
4. Going to the Y in a bit and working out (if I say it enough, maybe it will be true)
5. October 23. . . my 10 year anniversary.
6. October 29-November 2 (ish) when my mom will be here watching the kids so Tug and I can go on a secret getaway. Tug knows we will be having a weekend away but I am trying to figure out something to surprise him with. Anyone know of any good bed & breakfasts or resort type places in the area?
7. Using the new recumbent bike Tug just bought at GI Joes. He got a smoking deal since they are going out of business. The tag said 20% off but the price listed was more like 60%. Tug asked the salesman who said "I'll give it to you for that price, I am losing my job soon anyway!"
8. Meeting Laura, Trina and Paula in September, hopefully. 

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. 30 minutes on the treadmill doing the
couch to 5k plan, week 2.
2. 30 minutes on the elliptical after the treadmill. 
3. Took the girls to judo practice at the Y. 
4. Ate spaghetti leftovers for dinner, with a salad. 
5. Some MT school.
6. Some homeschool.
7. Took a shower.
8. Went to Albertsons for batteries, cauliflower, broccoli, stuff for stir fry tonight, and no sugar added fudge pops. Actually, I only went for the batteries, I bought all the rest. 

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Drink Dr Pepper, eat lots of potato chips, and eat mint chocolate chip ice cream without gaining weight. 
2. Take Tug to a Buckeye game for our anniversary. I feel bad since I know he wants to do this, but we can't afford it.
3. Pay off all our debt.
4. Visit family this summer. 
5. Find a good, free, nonpublic school to send the kids to.
6. Go swimming without being embarrassed. . . I will get there, after about 5 more months of WOW. 
7. Go to MN to meet Laura and Paula and visit the Spam museum. 
8. Run alongside Laura on her crazy long runs, without dying. 

8 Shows I Watch
I actually record and watch:
1. The Office.
2. The Biggest Loser. 
3. American Idol.
4. American Idol results show. 
5. Intervention.
6. Nascar race while ironing on Sundays. 
7. America's Funniest Home Videos ~ Tug usually watches this with the kids, sometimes I join them.
8. Each and every Buckeye game. 20 more weeks until season kickoff. 

8 People I tagNot sure who has already been tagged so if you already have been then just forget it, okay. 
1. Jessica ~ when you have time between your feast days.
2. Erica ~ when you have time between your travels.
3. Laura ~ when you have time between your runs.
4. Paula ~ update your damn blog already!
5. Keri ~ hippies welcome.
6. Heather ~ how's your butt feeling?
7. Michelle ~ when you have time between your trips to the YMCA (of course talking about WA Michelle).
8. Shelly ~ because you too are lame in updating your blog. get off facebook already ;)

10 people are laughing with me:

elm said...

Thanks... I needed a "topic" for today's blog.

Hmmm... fun places to stay in October not too far away - yea, uh, well... Crater Lake or Diamond Lake (but that will be a jaunt for ya!) I wanna go visit Olympic Ntnl Park up your way. Go have a look see and tell me if it is good or not!

Heather said...

oh dear, my bum is feeling much better, thank you- now I really don't think I can come up with 8 things I watch....

Heather said...

OH and so is next Friday dinner? You need to fill me in!

Shelly said...

i'm not really on fb that much - it's wearing off a bit. i'll just chat w/friends mostly.

basically - i've been busy w/hs conf stuff and i don't have much "to say". well, not all true... i do, but then i'll forget. i'm lame. i admit it.

Keri said...

This was a fun tag. I'll probably do it....eventually! :)
What is MT school?
What is a recumbent bike?
Spam museum?!
You crack me up!

Your loving hippie,

Jessica said...

WHATEVER!!!!! Aubrey tagged me too and I already posted SO THERE!!!! AND I made a dragon cake for St. George! ;)

Jessica said...

Oh!! and only SEVEN more days! Yippeee!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm too busy field-day-tripping with Laura to update anything.

The Spam Museum would be a blast and you know it!

Thanks for the tag, I'll do it when I can!

Mimi said...

Oooh I agree about your #1 wish, me too.

Um, places to go - Port Angeles? Portland?

The Wades said...

I'm with you on your first 4 shows. Thought you needed to know that.