Thursday, December 4, 2008

So happy together

Since Michelle is sick of visiting Thorpe I will do the meme Barb tagged me for:

Rules: post 6 things that make you really happy. 
Well lots of things make me really happy (like Dr Pepper or making Tug laugh) but I will do the themed knitting edition...
1. It makes me happy that {j} loves to wear hats

2. It made me happy when one day at judo {r}'s friend said 
"I like your hat."
{r} "Thanks, my mom made it"
"NO WAY, she didn't make that."
{r} "Yes she really did."
"Wow that's neat. Did she make this jacket too? ::points to {j} who is wearing a camoflauge hoodie that says GAP across it::

3. It makes me happy that I am making most of our Christmas gifts this year~hopefully it makes the recipients as happy.

4. It makes me happy that my sil (you know the one married to that knitting scrooge) 
made a handknit request....and that I had to make my own pattern for it....and that it seems to be working~kitchener grafting and provisional cast-on to boot

5. Some new knitting needles (addi interchangeable system) are making me really happy~Merry Christmas to me!

6. This mug from Starbucks makes me super duper happy...I LOVE IT!
How cute is that! It is a 4 stitch left leaning cable, with a purl stitch (possibly 2) on each side then 2 knit stitches (left leaning because the stitches that are on top go to the left, if the top stitches went right it would be a right leaning cable; 4 stitch since there are 2 knit stitches going left and 2 knit stitches going right). Awesome. 

~If sharing makes you happy then feel free to be tagged~

4 people are laughing with me:

Jessica said...

What a fun post and I *LOVE* that mug!!!! SUPER CUTE!!!

The Wades said...

It really is a cute mug. Can't wait to get that creation! You're too sweet to follow through. :)

Yes, I just said it. You're sweet!

Auntie Nee said...

I liked it. I have been looking for the mug but no such luck finding it.

Aubrey said...

Happiness is good for the soul! :)