Sunday, December 7, 2008

Deemed unworthy

I can't believe it, this isn't what I had wanted and the news hit me like a rock. Well, it was somewhat expected~I'd heard rumors but nothing confirmed so today when I heard it with my own ears, straight from the source, I was flabbergasted. We weren't deemed worthy by many and there was talk of picking someone else over us and yet those Fiesta people love us. Once again we are headed to the Fiesta Bowl, this time to take on Texas (this is the 4th time in around 6 years). I was hoping for an easy, non BCS bowl but we got this instead~I guess it will do. Most have picked us to lose (big surprise) but we haven't technically lost a Fiesta Bowl yet (sure there was that lil slip up to Florida 2 yrs ago but, while that was played in Glendale, it wasn't the Fiesta Bowl, it was the Nat'l title game). Go Bucks, saw varsity's horns off!!

Oh, and on a side note

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The Wades said...

You're too funny! I love you even though you're mean. :) Hugs and kisses

funny post!

Aubrey said...

We were definitely deemed unworthy of the Fiesta Bowl. However, we do get to go to the Gator Bowl. It's better than nothing, right? My DH says that our record for the year is 8 and 4. He told me that means that we won 8 and lost 4. If I had to guess, I would've guessed that we lost 10 and won 2, so there you go.

(The meaning of that ramble was to illustrate just how little I know about football. This is a huge sin for a Nebraskan.)

elm said...

Did you have hopes for a different bowl? Isn't the Fiesta one an OK one to go to? Don't they all pay fairly big bucks to universities for the boys to come out and play ball while they don't allow them to work even a part time job to pay rent? Oh, wait... those boys do it for the love of the game!!

AND, Yes, dear Aubrey... it is a sin for a Nebraskan to not know about football... I get out of all that because we have moved away and we live in Oregon, now... I am a UNL alum and didn't even know that the Huskers were in a bowl game! How horribly sinful of ME!! Hmmm go figure!

Our Catholic Family said...

Just happened across your blog to see...a bucks fan!! YAY! Go Bucks!

Everyone should know by now, do NOT underestimate the power of a BUCKEYE!