Saturday, December 6, 2008

Burning the Midnight Oil

I am up late tonight with {s} again...she has a cold and was up a lot last night too. She isn't very sick but stuffy nose + thumbsucker = no sleep because the thumbsucker has to breathe out of her mouth, therefore not being able to suck her thumb. Good news is I am able to post the pictures of my hybrid...

this is the top of the hood~again, it was knit flat so these cables were on opposite sides then I grafted the top edge together making the cable look like it was somewhat continuous (red writing on picture says 'edge of hood towards face'). 
and here is the side. I hope the scarf is long comes to about mid thigh on me but my sil is tall so it is likely to hit her boob.
from the back...don't ask about {l}'s modeling~I know not where she gets it. I don't like how pointy the edge is (smooshed it down in the pic), but I knew that would happen because of how I was making it...when I have more time I might have to play with that. 
a view from the front. 
It isn't as floppy as the one my sil showed me which I think is due to the seed stitch edging and doubling the yarn. It also fits closer to the face which I (and Tug) think makes it look a little more Mideastish but whatev.
Hope you like it Michelle~Merry Christmas~I will mail it, eventually. 

4 people are laughing with me:

The Wades said...

I'm gonna love it! I think it came out so great. :)

Shelly said...

I mean - how fast do you knit [or crochet... whatever]!?? "Sew like the wind"


Jessica said...

WOW!! That turned out awesome!! Please make mine in a chocolaty brown! ;)

Cindy said...

Hmmm, that scarf looks oddly familiar- I have a brown one exactly like it, Michelle even took pics of it a while back. Conspiracy going on here????