Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love is

A pair of handwarmers. I love love LOVE these!! I finished them a few weeks ago but they were, um, misplaced by the 6 year old. Today the girls had to clean their room and, go figure, they found them. I immediately took pictures because I am sure they will die a slow death in that pit the girls call a room once more. I can't find the pattern right now but, following proper blog/knit etiquette I will update as soon as I do. pattern here If nothing else, I want to be a proper knitting blogger, or blogging knitter, or whatever, just proper.
Manana es la dia de La Virgin de Guadalupe (mom, did I get all that right?)...what are you doing to celebrate? I am hosting a cookie exchange for our homeschool group~ack the pressure. There are 11 families coming with cookies and 2 more families coming just to hang out (each family will be at LEAST 4 people~one mom and x kids~so that puts us at around 56). I don't know a lot of these families...did I already mention pressure? Oh and, no, we don't have a huge house...I don't have enough room for all these peeps. I am hoping it doesn't rain so the kids can go outside. The 'party' starts at 1:30, rain is forecasted to begin at 2. ACK. I did con my mom into sending me bunuelos (kinda like cinnamon/sugar fried tortillas), biscochos (a Mexican shortbread cookie) and some stuff for Mexican hot chocolate so I can incorporate OLG~gotta represent mi rasa. She had my aunt make a ton then mailed them all the way from the border of Mexico~have I ever told you my mom is AWESOME? Tomorrow night a family that can't come to the exchange is coming over for dinner which is totally cool cuz she is bringing all the food...can you say Settlers!! Wish me luck!

peanut butter hershey's kiss cookies

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Sara said...

Your mom is awesome. The cookie exchange will be great and all those kids will magically entertain themselves! Seriously!

But the handwarmers? I know everyone says they're great, but I'm just not getting it. Maybe I need to actually wear some--if it gets cold again---to see their worth.

Shelly said...

i hosted one last yr regina for our hs group - it was the first one. lots of peeps and kiddos but it was great fun. this yr one of my friends is hosting - a little pressure off me ;)

Good for you for hosting one! and funny - i was considering doing the hershey's pb cookies too - either those or oatmeal/raisin [which are one of my faves - as a chocoholic, that says a LOT!]
Have fun!!
Oh, and LOVE the hand warmers! Those are beautiful! You rock ;)

Shelly said...

oh - and as far as what sara said, i can see it - though i've never worn any - still being able to manipulate objects and yet keeping your hands warm/er ;)

Paula in MN said...

I'll wish you good luck. Never hosted, don't plan on starting now.

Auntie Nee said...

Wow I am impressed you are representing (and yes you spelled it right), and hosting. You are stepping out of your box and hosting. Have fun & hope it all works out.

Aubrey said...

We've got a cookie exchange coming up, too. I'm not sure if I'll be able to swing it! Where does the time go!?

I would love to know how you guys do the strike-thru thing in your text?

Heather said...

How'd it go? Sorry the weather is soooooo not bueno. At least it hasn't started to snow yet!

Your cookies look delicio-so and your gloves even better (but I think you forgot to finish them). :)

The Wades said...

That is one cool cookie picture! Kudos.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Those things are super pretty but completely pointless (in the whole "warming" department) and would be sure frostbite attractors here in the cold North. If they were black, they'd be real good at hiding my stigmata, though.