Thursday, November 6, 2008

The winter of our discontent

Well, I have a feeling it will be more than one winter but so be it. The girls were playing some sort of President game today 

{r} Pretend you are 19 and you are the President. And pretend those people are wearing an Obama and a Biden mask but it wasn't really them. "Yes, Mace Moravec, how does it feel to be 19 and the President here on Hillary Lane?" 
{l} "Well, I am proud. But you will be sad because taxes are going up." (wow, I think they got all the bases covered)!
They have been asking questions all day but the gist boiled down to {r} saying "Obama won and we don't like Obama" to which I corrected "No, it isn't that we don't like Obama, we just don't believe in the same things he does. You still need to pray for him every night though like you do for our current President." I didn't say what I was thinking-hopefully God answers those prayers how we want.'s done and so am I. Back to that winter thing and the hats. This is {s}'s hat for this year...basically a hat/scarf combo. 
Surprisingly she kept it on when we went on a walk yesterday. You can sort of see in the picture that she is sick (as well as {j}), mostly just snot-nosed. She has a doctor appointment tomorrow, not for being sick but because I finally got around to scheduling a doctor appointment. She missed her one year checkup which means she is behind on shots though I don't know if they will give them to her since she has been sick (though she hasn't had a fever and I think that is when they will skip them).
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Salve, sancta parens! said...

There really are clouds in that cup of coffee.

~Marci~ said...

very cute hat.... I want one for ME!!!!!

Shelly said...

First, she is done-right edible!

so, every time you change your blog you lose most everything.... doesn't that drive you nuts????

I like the header! I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head everytime i come by ;)

Auntie Nee said...

She is so cute. Love the hat also!!!

Auntie Nee said...

also forgot to tell you I like the O-H-I-O in the coffee. LOOKS GOOD

The Wades said...

oh man, she's cute! i love the hat and the adorable baby!

is shelly right? do you lose everything when you change? you don't, do you? your blog address is staying the same. inquiring minds want to know. love

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Do all the other people in the dr. office and her immune system a favor and bring her in for shots when she's not snot-nosed?


Now, I WANT one of those scarfats. Green.

Email for my mailing address.

Christmas is coming...

Amy said...

That last pic of {S} is just about the cutest ever!
I am working on a hat too. I don't know why I am having so much trouble. I actually have to put a bandaid on my finger cause the needle is hurting me. I know... awww, poor me. Anyway, I needed a break from the dolls. Poor Saint Christina is still legless.

Regina said...

thanks for the header love...yes there are actually clouds in the coffee-i combined 4 different pictures for it.
as for losing, i dont lose any widgets. i do change the pictures on the sidebar so the backgrounds/edgings will match the new color palette but i dont have to. if you change your template i think you lose stuff but i am just changing my backgrounds.
and thanks for the {s} love too!!

Keri said...

catholic! :)
i want a handmade hat, too!

Aubrey said...

I'll make a deal with you...if you knit my kids really cute hats, I'll come up to WA in April and fetch them...(kidding)...well, I really will come to WA in April, but they have knit hats from their great-grandma.

I can't believe what kind of talent you have! The hats in the earlier posts were so cute too! It makes me want to take a knitting class! Is it difficult to learn?

Cute baby, too!

God bless you!

Erin said...

Could she be any cuter (or sweeter)? Even with a cold! Now she's all ready to come visit her Auntie in Chicago!

Jessica said...

She looks so super duper cute!! And the hat is darling too!

Love the new looks -- clouds in the coffee and all! :)