Friday, November 21, 2008

On the edge of reason

Teetering, oh so close to going over. Tug has been out of town since Monday (hence him not being there with us and Chendo). He has been in Chicago for a conference~irony is Chendo and Tug's sister Erin live in Chicago...Chendo came to Seattle for a work conference at the same time Tug went to Chicago. When we lived in OR Tug travelled a lot. It was hard at first but became doable~I guess you just learn how to adjust. Since moving to WA he has not been out of town overnight at all, but then came last week. He was gone for a couple of nights, back home but at meetings late every weeknight, had to work Saturday all day then left Mon for the windy city. I am no longer used to it. My nerves are fried. My poor kids have bared the brunt of my wrath....and wrath there has been "WHY are there more shoes in the hallway. I have told you 3 times already today, PUT YOUR SHOES BACK IN YOUR ROOM". It hasn't been pretty and the girls just stare at me, longing for their dad I am sure; "WHY are YOUR shoes in MY bathroom. Didn't you just get in trouble for shoes being in the hallway? AGHHHHHHHHH" (I thought Obama was going to save us from all the bad things like the waters turning back, the earth beginning to heal, and kids learning to clean up after themselves, no?)

But the world should be righted tonight. No, not thanks to Obama, but because 
my knight in shining armor comes home! 


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Amy said...

Awww, poor R!!! I hate it when they are away too. And don't worry, I have been acting the very same way... I am so sick of finding clothes in the hallway. I mean, com on? They aren't getting changed in the hallway, so why are there clothes there??

Tammy Staley said...

I feel your pain. Kevin has been gone since the 10th of Nov and won't be back until the 8th of Dec.
This is putting it nicely but I had what I'm calling a "mommy meltdown" last night. It was definately not pretty.
But I am thankful that it's no longer those LONG military deployments we used to suffer through. This is a piece of cake compared to that.
So when you're feeling bad, just think of the military spouses who are without their husbands for a year!

Auntie Nee said...

That stinks but he will be back tonight so all will be well in the world again (unless there is a weather delay and he can't get in till tomorrow) just kidding.\

Welcome home tug

Shelly said...

i also feel your pain. Paul left Monday and won't be back 'til just in time for Thxgvg on Wed evening. Prior to Monday he was gone 8 days Thurs. - Friday. You're right - you learn to adjust, but it's still no fun and it's difficult.
Yeah and what about those military families, huh?

Erin said...

I'm so glad he came home to you. I'm miserable without my husband, and I don't even have 4 kids to take care of. Chendo was amazed by how hard you work w/ those kids. I believe he called you his hero. And I'm so glad I got to see my big brother.

The Wades said...

Love the picture of J! Cute stuff. Is he getting back in time for the game?

Aubrey said...

Having your best husband gone really stinks. Glad that he's home!

Aubrey said...

...and how ironic that your brother-in-law was in your town at the same time that your husband was in his town. That is odd!