Monday, November 10, 2008

Saints and a Sinner

Last night we had our All Saints Party (finally). The girls were St. Jane and St. Helen using the same costumes they had on Halloween with Mother Teresa added in—minus the veil that I figured she wouldn't want to wear and I didn't feel like making (I did make her dress)

And here is the group
You might notice a certain little newly three year old missing. Yeah {j} sat this one out. I got him dressed at home and let's just say he didn't really want to be dressed up.

Thanks yet again mom for the awesome costumes! Sorry {j} wasted your money!!

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Aubrey said...

How cute! But really, you let an upset 3 year old have a sword? ;)

Shelly said...

but that was *before* he turned 3!! Cut the kid some slack! LOL

Awesome costume though. your mom made it?

Jessica said...

Greta costumes! (like usual!!) I want your mom!! ;)

{s} looks SOOOOO SO SO cute!!!! And {j}'s costume is great, even if he is upset :)

Anonymous said...

Your mom makes pinatas AND saint costumes?!


The Wades said...

Poor James. Let the boy be Thomas or Spiderman! JK totally kidding. Don't get upset, saint lovers! :) Love ya mucho.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Gina--James has a nice dress. Garrett

Anonymous said...

James didn't want to wear his costume. He didn't want to go to the party because of his costume. He didn't want it.

He didn't want to have his light saber.


elm said...

I WANT to go as St. Michael the Archangel... in that set of wings!!! Those are GREAT wings!!! And, I have just the perfect hat to go with that breastplate and sword. He probably would have gone if he had that darn hat, eh? Looks like a great turn out for your homeschool group. Glad y'all had fun even if it was late!

Amy said...

Oh no! {J}! You missed out, I bet.

They looked fabulous. I just love seeing how much {S} has changed, she is getting so big!

~Marci~ said...

Hey... all the costumes are GREAT. My little Munco was St. Michael this year too!!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

St. Michael, The Archangel
Don't cry in battle
be our safeguard against the wickeness of mothers who make you wear dumb costumes when you really just need a nap.

May God rebuke her, we humbly pray, and you, oh toddler with the goofy costume, who by the power of your mommy, hath made a holy fit and wander through the halls, wishing you could just take the dang thing off.