Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treaters

This year was {j}'s first trick or treating. The past two years (in OR) our homeschool group had their All Saints Party on Halloween night so we went to that. Here the All Saints Party isn't going to be until Nov. 9 so the kids went trick or treating. I stayed home with {s} who is sick (s, j, and I are/getting sick). Tug went with the kids and from what I hear they had fun. Lots of people thought the girls were nuns. One lady asked which one flew and at another house a lady made her entire family come out and see the nuns. The girls kept correcting people. {j} loved ringing the doorbell and said to Tug "I ring bell, they give me candy!" Unfortunately one of the times while {j} ran ahead yelling "I ring the doorbell, I ring the bell" Tug heard a thud and it was {j}'s face hitting the concrete. He came home and the girls went back out, but he had fun seeing the kids and handing out candy. 

{j}'s St. Michael costume looks like it will fit {s}...hopefully I can make some adjustments in time for the All Saints Party. {r} didn't want to wear her crown, perhaps had she people wouldn't have mistaken her for a nun. 
OH yeah, our first visitor of the day was the man who owns the home. Apparently he has a lot of masks so he brought them over (along with some candy) for the kids to see since he and his wife spent last night at Adoration (they live around the corner so, had they been home, we would have seen them t or t'ing). This is how he came to the door.

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scmom (Barbara) said...

Candy will make kids smile like that, won't it? Too cute!

The Wades said...

They look great. Nuns or not, they sure were cute.

Sorry about James. That had to ruin the fun.

Did the kids haul you in any Take 5 bars? ;)

~Marci~ said...

love the costumes!!! hope they had a great time~

Amy said...

They looked so cute and how neat to have such a cool landlord!

Keri said...

hi {r}~
it's keri!
your kids looked great! does the sweet girl in the middle look as much like michelle's {c} as she seems to?
Happy All Hallows to you all!

Christine said...

You have to love the owners of your house. I do! Your children's costumes looked great!

Shelly said...

they sure look great! it's amazing how much candy gets accumulated, ya know? We'll be throwing some out before long - otherwise, we'd have it 'til Christmas.
hope your little guy was okay! Bummer.

Jessica said...

We MISSED you guys SOOOO much!!!

The kids all look cute though. Great costumes, as usual! :)

Auntie Nee said...

love the costumes, they are cute. How is everyone feeling now??? Is J ok?