Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WoW Week 14

Is anyone still participating? 

As of Sunday I am back on track (or at least trying to be). Still up from my lowest here but going down. 

This week: 0

Leave a comment to check in, few did last week:

Laura: Doesn't know for sure but thinks she is down about 2
Renee: + 2
Kimberly: -2 whoopsie
Amy: -5 thanks to the stomach flu
Jessica: still out of town

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Amy Caroline said...

Hey you! Well thanks to the stomach flu I lost over 5 pounds.
Sorry, I have not been participating as I should. I do have an excuse though.... my scale doesn't work. So I am not even sure if I did loose five. It said seven, but I am guessing more like five. I will know for sure next Friday when I go to the OB. I need to start a collection for a new scale, lol.

Shelly said...

hey- i'd like the flu! - only for the results though :o)

Michelle said...

status quo on the weight, and still participating, but my scale may be packed next week and the following week I'll be on the road, so you might not her from me again for 3 weeks, but I'm still in.

Auntie Nee said...

I'm not doing so well I haven't lost :( I am actually up 2 which really STINKS

Amy Caroline said...

LOL, no, it was not fun. Plus you always gain back that stomach flu weight... don't you? Being pregnant, I know I will!!!!

kimberly said...

I lost 5 lbs?!! Sweet! Actually, I think Amy lost the 5 with the stomach flu...I only lost 2. Not too bad...but I feel I'm losing momentum. I just don't feel like exercising at all lately. And I feel like crap...

The Wades said...

not participating. i don't like wednesdays any longer. i'll let you know if things change. in the mean time, take me off your torture list. thanks.

Regina said...

whoopsie kimberly, take all the credit you can get right! 2 is still good though!!

Sharon said...

Go ahead and add me to your WoW list. I have been working on losing weight since November of last year. As of this a.m., I was teetering on 15+ lbs. Go back to the Internist on 7/9 and was suppose to be down 40?! Not gonna happen but I'd love to be down half of that, so only 5 more to go.