Monday, June 9, 2008


Boy am I wiped! We had a busy weekend...on Saturday some friends invited us to their small town parade and rodeo. After we went to their house and hung-out, had dinner, then played euchre. It's been a long time since we played euchre. It was a rip roaring, eyes watering, snort while you laugh good time! Unfortunately they live about an hour north of us so we left our house at 9:45AM and  didn't get home until well after midnight.  Surprisingly, after spending all day with us, they still want to be our friends :)

Yesterday I had to get up early to make chicken salad, we then went to Mass, then the girls and I went to our Little Flower's tea party (sorry Shelly, I forgot to take pictures but I'll tell you all about it).  We had to get pretty fancied up and the girls loved it. We are in a younger group for LF and the girls in the older LF group were our servers. For the older LF group (their tea was on Sat.) a dad and a few brothers were dressed in black tie to be their servers. We started with a May pole then sat for a round of tea. After a bit the girls did a game where they looked at a tea tray with various items then had one minute to write down all the things they could remember. Sugar won, writing down 13 things. We sat for another round of tea and sandwiches (cucumber, chicken salad, and some quiche thingies) then they had another game where they looked at a place setting (done with paper) then were blind folded and had to try and put the items back where they belonged. There was a plate, fork, flower bunch, teacup and saucer, spoon, creamer—the plate, flower bunch, teacup and creamer were all cut to be the same size so it was supposed to be a game of luck.  There was a doily and napkin glued to construction paper as a guide. If they got it in the general location then it was considered correct. Sugar won that too but they said they couldn't have the same person win twice so they gave the prize to 2nd place. We then sat back down for desserts and more tea. Once we were done we headed outside to undue the May pole and they had a drawing for a framed picture of St. Therese. Boo's name was drawn from the hat. We had a trifecta. We all had a great time.
Today we start swim lessons. I think I have already been asked 5 times "When are we leaving?" I am ready to go back to bed.  

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The Wades said...

Little Brainiac! Good for her. That is a hard game to play! She must get her smarts from her aunt in ABQ, and I'm not talking Renee! :)

Sounds like a lot of fun. Dang, now I'm craving chicken salad!

Erica said...

You're tired?? HOW could you be tired??? I exerted MORE physical activity with my laughing and such...

It was a great time and we are glad you came to see some small town "fun." Next time... there will be a NO SNACKS rule with Euchre... you are right, it gives the papa bear in your family an unfair advantage to eat while playing... NO MORE! We will do starvation diet before playing next time!


ps... yes, we still want you to be our friends if you don't mind the snorting and lunacy of it all!

Shelly said...

sounds like a lot of fun! i played euchre and we had a blast when we played - that was a few years ago!

Shelly said...

evertime i come visit i just read how "tired" you are....can we move on?? LOL