Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've given up. I exercise 6 days per week (doing 1 hr 15 min of cardio and arm weights) and though I don't eat great, I don't eat horrible all the time. Yet, no weight loss. Gained a pound actually. 

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors but I think there is a design flaw here, God. If I work out hard and eat mildly decent I SHOULD LOSE WEIGHT. 
And, no, I haven't actually given up. I just now have to ::gasp:: really work on the food part of this whole thing. ugh. 

Regina: +1
Laura: 0
Christine: +2
Keri: 0
Paula: 0
Michelle: 0

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Michelle said...

It seems the harder I try the higher the scale goes. LOL I'm going to START from here and let you know next weigh in if there is a difference. For now, a big ZERO change.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Michelle - the harder I try to lose, the more I gain.

I'm starting over at THIS weight, which I'm not mentioning because it is hideous.

Jessica said...

Hang in there Regina... You can do it!!

Jessica said...

One way to lose weight is to get really really sick. I was only 1 pound above my pre-pregnancy weight when I checked yesterday morning... I'm sure I'll be gaining it all back soon enough though!

Christine said...

I keep telling myself that muscle weighs more than fat. I think that it is +2 pounds here. I am losing track. Of course it doesn't help that I can't stand to see waste and tend to finish my children's leftovers for them. ;)

Heather said...

So Regina, I was just studying and it does take several weeks to lose significantly (unless you're on biggest loser). But the key in all my studying is that you have to burn more than your intake to lose. I struggle with that one. I burn a whole big bunch and then celebrate with more treats.

Kim said...

I am so sorry when you're working so hard... Take it for what it's worth, but here are some things I've learned (I'm only trying to lose a little, but still..)

Don't exercise too much or you may burn out.

Mix weights with cardio (and it doesn't have to be a lot of weights which I personally would hate.) I love The Firm series.

I lost the most once when I didn't use a scale. Actually, I've never owned one; I can tell by how my clothes fit if I'm moving up/down or nowhere...

If you want to attend to food, of course, the best way is long-term changes slow and steady, but The South Beach Diet is great if you can stay on it for just 2 weeks. It gives you a quicker weight loss which is intended to help motivate you because weight loss is a slow process.

And I'm only telling you because you are working on it. I personally think you're so pretty just as you are. I don't notice a few pounds. Then again, I notice them on myself immediately.

Hang in there... Kim

Keri said...

in alamogordo...
on my mom's scale...
after a brutal step class on Tuesday (shins/calves still crying) and walking today...
and the last however many weeks we have been doing this...
I'm at the exact same weight that I started week 1.