Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I tried a little trick this morning. When I got on the scale I sucked in, exhaled all air and stood very still. It didn't work. I have been trying to get the house cleaned and organized (spent all of Monday in just one room-kids don't have classes at the Y this week) and I have used that as an excuse to not exercise (haven't since Saturday). I also used Tug's birthday as an excuse to eat a lot yesterday. Back on the South Beach narrow today and will give P90X a go in a little while.

Regina: +1
Renee: 0
Laura: 0
Sarah: -2
Keri: 0
Paula: 0

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Sarah said...

down two. I don't know how . . . must be all the sweating in our new town. Ach!

Auntie Nee said...

I am not down any, but I am not up any either. I am a slacker. What do you mean tugs bday yesterday??? it is today

Anonymous said...


Keri said...

no scale access....but i feel like i've gained back the 2 that i may never have really lost (come to find mom's scale in alamo weighs on the light side.) all my clothes are too tight... :( i walked yesterday, but i have nooooo energy. all i can think about are the breakfast burritos at Golden Pride.
not doing so good :(

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Big, fat zeros. Wish I would have lost about 20 pounds before the race though. I'll be suffering, come Saturday afternoon.

I'm surprised I haven't lost 10 pounds from the nervousness in this last week!