Monday, November 8, 2010

7 nov 10 gymnastics meet

Lucky for you guys there isn't another meet until next year. {l} went up in score on each event except vault, but she was doing a harder vault (with an extra 8" mat, so we can't really compare those scores). On floor, her coach asked {l} if she wanted her to go out on the mat during the back handspring. {l} said sure, but didn't realize it was a 0.5 point deduction. Had she actually touched {l} and given her a spot it would have been a full point.

vault: 8.75
bars: 8.25
beam: 8.20
floor: 7.90

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Auntie Nee said...

Great job Sug. You looked awesome. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

wish I could see it. Love ya

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMMERS --Will call you later

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'm sure the videos are very great but I'm sorry, I can't watch them anymore. Years of gymnastics has left me scarred. I can't watch them without cringing about her landing on her head or twisting some major appendage. I really want to put her in a giant plastic bubble. I've gotten so chicken in my old age.

Michelle said...

So much to learn!! She is awesome. I'm super impressed with that talented niece of mine.