Sunday, October 24, 2010

first level four meet

{l} had her first meet yesterday and aside from a bobble on her bars (back hip circle connecting to and including the dismount) and losing her balance on beam (and jumping off) she did really well!!! oh, and she is still working on that back handspring--despite the look, she assures me she did not hit her head. I forgot her scores but I think it was 7.8 on floor and bars, 8.0 on beam and 8.8 on vault.

and, just to not play favorites, here is {r} from the last swim meet during the summer

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Auntie Nee said...

Great job girls. You guys are awesome and I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

too bad I cant see anything. Congrats to you both. Las Amo Mucho

Meesh said...

Wow, you girls are awesome, and so grown up! It's so neat that we can watch you even though you are so far away. Great job! :)


The Wades said...

Max and I were in shock how great both of them are!!!! Wowsers! Lauren looks awesome out there!

Shocking to see how well Regan swims. The Wades are not near as proficient in the water. (And definitely on the beam!! ;) )

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Too cute. I was in gymnastics for about 6 years and I sucked at it. She's got good grace and form. What's the dealio with the "vault"? That was kind of weird. Oh, I like her floor music!