Friday, September 28, 2007

Making Buckeyes

I stumbled across a Buckeye recipe today and thought that might be a fun treat to make for Tug. The girls thought so too...

(R is wearing a crown grandma sent her for her All Hallows Eve costume)

As you can see, the size and shape aren't very consistent, but not too bad of a job considering it was a first for us all.

And now the finished product:

I couldn't find the paraffin but looking online it seems that is just needed to keep the chocolate from melting and to preserve it. This shouldn't be a problem because 1) I will keep them in the fridge and 2) NO sweets need a preservative in this family--ESPECIALLY if Tug is in one of his binging moods :).
Once they were completed R asked "Are we going to put those little things on the helmets?" L said "I thought we were going to make Buckeyes--you know, their heads and arms." I had to clarify that we were making them look like Buckeye nuts NOT Buckeye football players.
Now, IF the real Buckeyes lose tomorrow we will NEVER AGAIN make these buckeyes. In the immortal words of Michael Scott (last night was the season premier of The Office) "I'm not superstitious...I'm a little-stitious" (or something like that).

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