Thursday, July 29, 2010

Advice please

oh wise ones who have kids older than mine and have gone through this before, what advice do you give to a child when people she considered friends decide not to really be her friend anymore??

i did the usual, "be nice no matter what, don't exclude people, try to branch out to make new friends." easy for an adult to comprehend, hard for a heart broken kid to.

any advice??

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Keri said...

:) Give lots of hugs. They will probably make up tomorrow.

Paula said...

push them down, kick em while they are down, walk away.

Wait, I think that's a movie.

It happens and it will continue to happen. Just be a shoulder to cry on and help her find better friends.

Sara said...

I think you said all the right things. I add that it's okay not to be friends with someone. Don't hang around for the abuse they dish out.

scmom (Barbara) said...

I have found that kids break up and make up with friends faster than you can predict. I don't think you can make it better when the going gets rough. Distraction is the best solution -- until they make up, at which point you can wait until the break up again.

Anne said...

Funny you should bring that up. I was thinking about that just yesterday. My answer to that question was the exact same thing you said. Don't second guess yourself. You're the mommy and you know best! I wish you the best.