Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Don't wait until the primaries. . .

Vote now

click the box then, once on the page, click 'vote for this charity' on the right **EDIT-oops, click the green 'vote now' button which is just above the 'vote for this charity' on the right. for those who don't know, ggyr is a nonprofit horse ranch founded by tug's sister and her husband (i think most of you know her blog but, if not, click
here to be taken to it).
much obliged.

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Auntie Nee said...

that is sweet that you are doing this!!

How is everyone. When are you going to post on L bday???


elm said...

check! voted... how's everything in WA?? We are going to Pops' district meeting in Washington on the Columbia River Gorge the 7th - 9th "ish" and we are hoping to visit Mt St Helens after that... any interest in seeing a blown volcano??!!

The Wades said...

Thanks, Genie Weenie! Very sweet of you.