Saturday, February 20, 2010

And the winner is. . .

We don't know. They didn't award medals based on scores. Based on Communist principles (Tug's contribution to this post) everyone did get a medal. I think {l} got it for nice arms and hand position.
On beam she got a 9.45

Bars 9.6
Floor 9.5
Vault 9.0 (video of the better of her 2 vaults)
And, to clarify, they no longer use the 10 scale for the Olympics or for elites, but they do use if for lower level gymnastics. She had a great time!

Perfect 10

Ready for today's competition.
She says she is excited, nervous and totally freaked out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

new friends

In our old house we had no neighborhood friends. Now we have an 8-year-old little girl that lives next door who has rang our bell at least 5 times since we moved in. Today was the first day she actually played with the girls (all the other times were bad timing). Is the neighborhood friend thing a good thing? I like the friends from a distance thing. The type you are friends with but live further away and you have to invite them over.

I would show a picture of something. Anything. We don't know where the camera is.
All the boxes are unpacked except around 5 that are all Tug's for his office. We just got a new bookshelf so those boxes should be unpacked sometime this week. Hopefully the camera is in one of those boxes. Fingers crossed.
And, speaking of Tug, he was just awarded Specialist of the Year which is like Awesome Dude of the Year at his company. Only one person gets it per year. Hip hip hooray for him!
{l} has a gymnastics meet on Saturday. They don't normally let her level compete since she is pre-team but decided to let them do this competition. She is nervous.
Hope you all had a wonderful V-day. My sister came into town yesterday so she stayed with the kids so Tug and I could go out to dinner. Thanks for the gift certificate mom!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


i've noticed my spam comments have increased recently. i have also noticed my followers has increased and some of those followers were owners of somewhat unusual sites. sites that made me think 'why would you want to follow me?' so, i blocked those new followers. if i blocked you, and you were legit, just leave a comment saying you're legit and i will unblock you. i don't know if there was a correlation between the followers/spam but whatev.

more progress. . . all the boxes (except one that goes in the girls' room) are unpacked and everything is put away. unfortunately there are a ton more boxes in the garage that we just dumped there the last day of the move instead of bringing inside. off to finish up the girls' room and get busy unpacking those last boxes. hopefully by friday all will be done!
this is the back living room that we will use as a playroom/school room/office. it is more crowded than i had hoped, but it will do. the box in the picture is the one that has to go into the girls' room. i am not sure why {j}'s underwear are on the table.

Monday, February 8, 2010

an update

so much for that clean room.
progress is being made upstairs (except the girls' room. ohhhh the girls' room, what to do with all their crap. mom, PLEASE quit buying them things!)

everything from the other house is HERE. YAY. now i have to go clean the other house and empty the fridge there. can't go until comcast gets here.

still waiting on comcast.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

our phone still isn't working. i called comcast this morning and guess what
A TECHNICIAN NEEDS TO COME OUT. you know, one of those guys i sat around and waited for on friday from 8-12 who never came. turns out they need to. mother of pearl. i think i might have to look into qwest high speed internet/phone service.
the good news is my room is clean again
(the basket is clean, waiting to be ironed, clothes)
the bad news is we are going to be moving more stuff from the old schoolroom over which means this room is going to be a disaster again.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


this morning this room was pristine. it was NOT empty. my computer (mac) and that other thing (pc) were set up, the chair was there inviting you to sit, the table was there and empty, my desks were squared away. everything in its place.
this evening we have this. . .
at least a picture made it up on the wall!
we got a lot accomplished today, but not everything. we still have roughly half the kitchen, half the schoolroom and tug's office. we should be done by tomorrow, then i have to clean. can't someone just wake me when the move is done??

Friday, February 5, 2010

you have got to be kidding me

on monday i spoke with comcast and they said a technician did not have to come out on friday to install our phone/internet/cable tv.

look at the previous posts to see the problems we have had with phone/internet/tv.

wednesday a technician called to say he would be here friday between 8-12. he didn't know why they said no one needed to come out.

thursday i called comcast to verify that a technician would/needed to come out. they said yes, he would be here between 8-12 friday. she said if it were just internet they wouldn't have to come out but since there is phone service too they needed to come out.

i waited at the new house today until 12:10. i called comcast to ask if someone was still coming out. they said no one needed to come out, just plug the modem in and the internet should work fine. i plugged the crap in and, sure enough, the internet works. the phone should start working in TWENTY-FOUR TO FORTY-EIGHT hours. i asked why they never said there would be a lapse in phone service. he didn't know. i asked why they said someone needed to come out. he didn't know. i asked why i wasted my morning waiting for someone who never planned on showing and why they never called to cancel even though they called to verify and i called them to verify. no answer.

COMCAST SUCKS!! but at least i can get on the internet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

so much to do

and no motivation to do it. {s} was up from midnight until 5 am. She would stop crying for about 10 minutes then start up again. She does have a bit of a cold, but I thought she was just being rotten. Finally at 5, while on the couch, I noticed her hold her ear (she is verbal, she never complained of it hurting). I asked if her ear hurt and she said yes. Tylenol down the hatch and off she went to sleep.

Tug surprised me by upping his flight home and arrived at 5 this morning.
I surprised him with movers who were showing up at 8:30. Needless to say we are both exhausted. Thank goodness I decided to pay people to come and move just the heavy stuff. There is still PLENTY for us to do, but at least we won't have to move couches.
I am coming down with the cold that {r} started. I was coughing so hard this morning I threw up. Off to the new house to watch the guys unload and wait for DirecTv to show up.
I had a picture of pathetic {s} to share but just realized the cord to plug the camera in is in a box.
Oh, our call waiting and email is not working again.
Comcast sucks.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

directv it is

continuing the comcast saga. . . on monday when i called to get new service on friday i added cable tv to the mix. we have directv (have had it for 10 yrs) but with comcast's package it was going to be cheaper to go with them (since we have telephone/internet with them). on monday i was told their technician did not need to come out to set up service, we could just plug in to the wall and be all set. they were concerned that the dvr wouldn't arrive by friday since they would be mailing it so i was going to go to the comcast store to pick it up. yesterday a technician called saying he would be there friday. i called comcast today just to verify what was going on. she said a technician did need to come out. i asked if he would have the dvr with him. she said we weren't scheduled to get cable tv, just internet/phone. she also said we would have to cancel our current appointment and do another appointment to include the cable and she couldn't guarantee we could get it on friday until she cancelled the other appointment.

i called directv. they will be there tomorrow.

have i mentioned comcast sucks?

Monday, February 1, 2010

comcast sucks

moving sucks too, but comcast sucks. trying to move things with 4 kids while 7+ months pregnant and an out of town husband REALLY sucks, but comcast sucks too. I called them today to have our internet/phone moved to the new house as of Friday. Tug tried calling and it went straight to voicemail. I tried using the phone and there was no dial tone. I called comcast. Apparently they transferred phone service already (though the internet still worked). After over an hour on the phone the guy couldn't get it to work. He said he would have to do something or other and it would be working again in a few hours. Eventually the phone started working again.

Voicemail is not working. I called comcast again tonight. She said she would have to do something or other and it would be a couple of hours until voicemail started working again. Fine. Then I remembered I couldn't access my comcast email online with my password. She said she would reset it for me. She gave me the new password and asked me to see if it worked. It didn't work. She asked if I would mind if she would try it. She tried and it worked. I tried and it didn't work. I said the email address again and she said the same email address but with a 2 at the end. I said my email address does not have a 2 at the end. Apparently they already transferred that email address to the new home address account but since it would not be activated until Friday I couldn't access the account. They are trying to transfer it back over to our current address now. Who knows how long that will take.

Comcast sucks.